What is the Child Author Project?

Child Author Project was launched in January 2019 through a combination of passion for books and passion for mental health. The project allows children to face fears, boost their confidence and achieve their goals through being creative and passionate. The aim was to show children that they could achieve amazing things and become authors at a young age, whilst opening the door for conversation about emotions.

Our first project focuses on 'Happiness' and will inspire everyone who reads it! The project allowed 115 children, from around the world, to become published authors. We are so proud of each of them. What does happiness mean to you?

I think it’s a fantastic way for children to express themselves, to have their thoughts written down for children and parents to treasure forever. I can imagine picking up the book on my daughters 21st or wedding day to share again many years later with family and friends xxx

Rebecca Whitmore

My fun loving creative 8 year old son is always busy making his own books and creating new characters and stories, so this has been a fantastic project for Jack to be part of. He finds happiness in nearly everything he does and has loved writing about this and can not wait for others to read his story. What an amazing experience to be part of- thank you.

Katie Barrett

Thank you from my 13 year old daughter for making her dreams to be a published author come true, she loves literature and writing and expressing herself, so a massive thank you for the Child Author Project and making one 13 year old dreams come true xxx

Lisa Marie Perrott

To be able to have an excuse to sit and really think about what makes her happy was happiness in itself! We giggled, reminisced and as Gracie put pen to paper thoroughly enjoyed the whole process. What 6 year old can say she's a published author after all! On top of that a great Xmas gift for her grandparents! We are so grateful we could be involved!

Catherine Wardega