7th July 2019

Talking Birth Trauma

Why do we need to talk about Birth Trauma? Recently I shared an article that told readers about my experience of birth trauma.  Generally, I was […]
27th September 2018

MOF3 Sneak Peek!

By now, you may be aware that I am featuring in a book called Mumpreneur on Fire 3, which is a collaboration of 25 inspirational stories […]
27th September 2018

My Birth Trauma

There is a culture of not wanting to frighten expectant mothers but how can they be in control of their experience unless they are aware things […]
26th September 2018

BeGlad Project

In the past, I wouldn’t have used words like ‘glad’ or ‘grateful’ to describe myself, but a lot has changed since I’ve had a baby, and […]
8th April 2018

Why Hire A Virtual Assistant?

As a skilled and busy business person, you’re probably wondering if its worth the effort of working with a Virtual Assistant. If you’ve never worked with […]
8th April 2018

The Sunny Side of Depression

Having lived with depression for most of my life, it would be very easy for me to point out the many negative aspects of my illness. […]
8th April 2018

A Pure Heart

There is something inside every single one of us. Something small but essential, something we have in common with each other, with animals and something that […]
8th April 2018

Sugar Secret

When new people find out I am a vegetarian, the conversation is always the same; “How do you get enough protein?” Like a broken record I […]

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