Mumpreneur on Fire 3

In October 2018, Jessica shared her story of birth trauma and group B strep in the #1 best-seller, Mumpreneur on Fire 3, in collaboration with Mums In Business Association (MIBA).


In July 2019, Jessica enabled 115 children from around the world to become #1 best-selling authors by sharing what happiness means to them through Child Author Project.

Perfect Health Vol 1

In August 2019, Jessica worked with Elaine Godley to share their true-life health stories, along with 10 other brave co-authors, in the #1 best-selling Perfect Health – True Life Stories book.

Life After Birth Trauma

Coming Soon: A project by Jessica that opens the door for conversations about birth trauma and how others have recovered from traumatic birth experiences, including the loss of a child.


Coming Soon: 200 children from around the world share what kindness means to them, and why it is so important. A project that enables us to think about the impact that kindness has on the world.

Confessions of a Manic Depressive

Coming Soon: The true-life mental health memoir that sheds light on the ups, downs and everything in between in the day to day life of Manic Depression.

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