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8th April 2018
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In the past, I wouldn’t have used words like ‘glad’ or ‘grateful’ to describe myself, but a lot has changed since I’ve had a baby, and I’ve found a new mindset.

I also never thought I’d be glad or grateful for smear tests; I avoided them for years thinking they were invasive, unnecessary and irrelevant to my life. I knew they did some good – but something like cervical cancer seemed a million miles away from me and my world. After having a baby, and some complications, I thought having a smear test would be the finale to my bad experiences, and a good way to put my mind at rest that I was healthy.

I went for the procedure, and it was very quick and routine. I left and put it to the back of my mind. That was, until the letter arrived. These types of official letters tend to fill you with dread before you’ve even opened them. Time seemed to slow down as I read the words on my results letter; my smear test had tested positive for abnormal cells. I needed to have regular procedures and doctors would need to monitor my progress.

For two years, I underwent tests, smears and painful biopsies to my cervix. It was worrying and very stressful, but during this time of stress and worry, I also found a new sense of appreciation, and empathy. I realized how important smear tests are, and I suddenly understood why so many women avoid them and are frightened.

Finally, after two years – two of the most stressful I’ve ever been through, my results came back negative. My immune system had beaten the infection that had caused the cell changes, and my body was returning to normal.

Next time your smear test is due – don’t worry, don’t dismiss it and don’t make excuses to put it off – be grateful that you have this opportunity to make sure you’re healthy. And if, like me, your results come back and give you a reason to worry, stay strong, and know that you’ll be in the best hands for being monitored and know that these doctors are going to help you fight whatever comes.

I never ever thought I’d be an advocate for smear tests, but here I am. So, ladies, please, know how important they are, and how important you are – you deserve to feel healthy too.

Book your smear test – you’ll be glad you did.


The BeGlad Movement is aiming to collect 100 stories of good coming out of bad and reasons to be glad by the end of 2018 to help support each other with our experiences and to raise money for the Samaritans and Action for Happiness. If you would like to donate it would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Story 29 – Jessica Prime


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