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Why Hire A Virtual Assistant?

As a skilled and busy business person, you’re probably wondering if its worth the effort of working with a Virtual Assistant. If you’ve never worked with a VA before, it may be difficult to know why this person could be an asset to your business, and why it can be easier, cheaper and more effective to outsource tasks to a VA rather than employing extra staff, or simply completing the tasks yourself.


​Here is a list of reasons of why I know a VA could benefit you and your business:


​​Cost Effectiveness

​When hiring a VA, you instantly rid yourself of the need to invest in other costly areas of your business. A VA acts as an independent business trader, so is in charge of their own investments. You save money on not needing to purchase office space, furnishings and equipment.

​As a VA is self employed, you also avoid any overhead costs and HR, which means you don’t need to worry about training costs, tax, national insurance, employee benefits, payroll and staff holidays. You also avoid recruitment or agency fees.

Save Time and Energy

​When working with a VA, there is no need to micromanage or coordinate tasks yourself. The process is simple; send a project and a deadline, the rest is completed for you, and as a VA is mobile, she is available moreso than usual employees, so its easy to get in touch and ensure everything is on track (if you really want to!)

100% Productivity

Unlike when employing staff for projects, with a VA you only pay for the time they work on a task or project. That means, you pay for 100% productivity; no time or money is wasted. Since a VA is freelance, there is no minimum work commitment either, so you only pay for the time you use.

Time Is Money

​As a VA is multi skilled, you can delegate a range of tasks and projects to a skilled and experienced person, leaving you time and energy to focus on the bigger tasks and core features of your business. You can feel confident and relaxed that your tasks are being handled by a competent worker, leaving you time to focus on the things you never had the time to complete before, or to even focus on your personal life. Where domestic responsibilities are a detriment to your business, some VA’s also offer domestic or lifestyle management, so you can delegate those tasks too! Working with a VA reduces your workload and therefore your stress levels, giving you a healthier and happier work / life balance.

New Resources and Trust

VA’s whole business relies on their resources; so when working with a VA, you instantly tap into a whole new resource pool, and often, a new network of contacts. As VA’s work freelance, they offer more flexibility than the usual 9 to 5 office, your VA is often on call, or available by phone, email or social media, to ensure you have help and assistance right at your finger tips. Plus, a VA can be trusted with your projects and business work as their work for you will remain confidential and personal.

A VA Is Your Partner In Business

​As an independent business owner, your VA understands the challenges of running a business, and therefore can support you in ways others cannot. As an expert in their field, a VA can help your business grow, and you can feel confident knowing that they have an invested interest in your business success – your success is their success!



I hope this helps you and inspires you to consider making that connection with a VA today! You will never turn back!

To hear more about how I can help your business grow, please do contact me!

​Jessica Prime | Virtual Assistant |

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